DeRielle Cosmetology Academy

DeRielle Cosmetology Academy Courses                                                                                  

Nail Technology - our program is 300 hours ($3500.00). The program includes natural and artificial nails. We teach with Nailogics products.

Esthetics- our program is 400 hours ($4500.00). The course has been taught since 1991 (with the best board testing grades in the state). We specialize in skin care and waxing, along with make-up and eyebrow tinting. We use Biodroga products, a spa line from Germany.

*We offer two Advanced Esthetics programs ($2000.00 each)

The first Advanced Esthetics program is 7 days from 9-1 teaching 3 machines, air-brush makeup, camouflage services, body treatments and the Circada line. This class requires no models as each student gets  treatments in each area of teaching. This class is taught with our sister salon/spa. It has over a $3200.00 value in services and products alone.

The second Advanced Esthetics program is for those wishing to get the 200 additional hours for other states requirements, but you must check your state to see if they will accept the hours.

**We also offer a Combination of the Nail and Primary Esthetics program for 650 hours ($7500.00)

Natural Hair Braiding  is our newest program. It is a 400 hour course ($4500) .

Cosmetology - our program is 1250 hours ($17,500.00) and includes the nail, esthetics  and natural hair braiding programs. This course includes haircutting, finish styling, permanent waving, straightening, and hair coloring as well as many other classes to help you succeed in life and the industry such as financial classes. We pride ourselves in the products and equipment used with our students.

Teachers Program - this program is 500 ($5500.00) hours and is for licensed  Nail Techs, Estheticians, Natural Hair Braiders or Cosmetologists. It is the only program we offer that you may choose the days you wish to attend so you may work around your schedule and not attend everyday. After 500 hours when all tests and requirements are complete, your paper work goes to the testing company. 

Our texts books are a combination of the Milady texts and our experience in the Industry. We have been privileged to be able to work with Milady in allowing our input in their Barber, Nail Tech, Green book, Esthetics, Advanced Esthetics, Cosmetology and Math Texts over the last seven years.

Our classes begin on the first Wednesday of the odd months of the year and are part-time (Monday- Friday 8-12) or full time (Monday-Friday  8-4:30). Note: We have no Friday classes in June, July and August

Our dress code is black and white with a smock that we provide. We like our students to look and act as  professionals.


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